Is It Compulsory to Get Married?



January 13, 2021
Is it wrong not to get married; if we are not willing to take that life of responsibility or those sexually abused can they marry?

Since these are sensitive issues, I pray that the Lord helps us to discern God’s will for our lives. It’s true, that many have been sexually abused in the past and there are many who are being sexually abused even though they are married. Since the subject is sensitive, we don’t want to share but these are the things that have affected so many people who are silently crying, and many are thinking that this is their fate. How can they open up before anyone? because they cannot trust anyone. People whom they once trusted are the very same people who deceived them. So, how can they trust anyone? So many goes through painful divorce procedures and many other related issues. 

As ministers, we have to face and address so many situations like these and we too pray as we don’t have the words and all that we can do is be in God’s presence and seek the Lord, how do we handle this? They are also human beings just like us, why are they going through all of this? Now today, we are living in a time where divorce has become a normal thing. If someone say, I am divorced, we are quick to say ok, because it has become a common thing. We are living in a time where standards have completely changed. Societies are messed up. We have homosexuals, gays, we have LGBTQ+. These are all signs; the decay of the society shows the coming of the Lord is very near it is heart breaking to see situations like these inside Christian homes.  

Now as a youngster, you have to understand that marriage is something very serious. God instituted marriage and it is God Himself who said it’s not good for man to be alone (Genesis 2). But that doesn’t mean marriage is for everyone. Everyone is not designed for family life. There are people who are eunuchs, whereby some are physically eunuchs, but there are some who have decided that they don’t want to get involved in family life. So, I want you to understand, marriage is not a must for everyone. Today, many youngsters are being pressurized into getting married. So, as an individual, each youngster needs to spend time in the presence of God and then finds for himself/herself if it is God’s will for that person to get involved with another person and have a married life because marriage is till death separates. Bible doesn’t give an option of divorce.  

These days, we are living in a time that is so hard to trust people. They appear to be sincere, appear to be faithful, but then, once they get married, they realize the person was appearing to wear a fake façade, and now they show their real picture. There are so many cases where one partner is silent, undergoing all the abuses and not sharing it with anyone. With only one thing mind, that it will bring shame to the family and they undergo that torture till the end. So, I want you to understand, that you have to decide, if you feel that yes, it’s the Lord’s will for me to get married, then get married. Otherwise, if you don’t get the feeling, please seek Lord’s will for your life.  

Do not look at the other messed up marriages and come to a conclusion that I don’t want to get married. You have to find God’s will for your life, and when He does bring a person, you will have that comfort within you. Youngsters get mislead because they get emotionally involved. Once emotionally involved, then it becomes hard to discern and seek if it is God’s will or not? These days the youngsters are facing difficulties in discerning, however, there are youngsters who maintained their dignity and kept themselves Holy. They have kept themselves pure in the eyes of the Lord and kept themselves separate from the mess around them.  

I request to you to seek God’s will. As stated, God doesn’t want man to be alone, but there are people that God wants them to be separated for His work. If you are serious into something, you know the goal of your life and you don’t want to get involved with any issues concerning family life, it’s better you take a decision for your life. But under no circumstances, should you get married under pressure because under pressure if you get married then it is you and you alone who will be responsible for the situation you are in, because you allowed others to pressurize you.  

God has given you the freewill to decide and so, there is blessing in marriage life also it is God who instituted marriage. To have two people coming together, according to God’s will and then God blesses them with children. The intention of marriage is to bring glory to God, it’s not for our comfort. I want you to pray and take a decision. You have may have gone through issues that have mentally destroyed you, you don’t trust anyone, you have experienced a lot of injury emotionally, and it is only through time and God who can heal and we will sincerely pray that God heals those wounds. However, it doesn’t mean that now you cannot trust anyone. God may bring someone who will help you in your Christian journey. 

So, to conclude, marriage is not about producing children, but it is about two people coming together, encouraging each other, building each other, and correcting each other so that God’s will is fulfilled in each person’s life. I request the Church to pray for these broken souls so that God will heal them and reveal to them His will in their lives. 

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